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God Fucking Damnit FAQ

  1. How do I post a story?

    You need to create an account before you can post stories.

  2. Why do you require accounts?

    So other people can't pretend to be you.

  3. Can I post anonymously?

    Once you are a signed in member, you can choose to post a story anonymously if you desire. The story still belongs to you and can be edited if it needs to be. Posting in this manner is discouraged, however. Show some balls and own up to your words

  4. What do I post?

    Anything you like, if it pisses you off. From an itch that won't go away, to your grandmother cooking your puppy for Thanksgiving.

    However, a little thought before dumping whatever diarrhea comes to mind might not be out of line.

  5. What is an intro?

    The intro is typically the first paragraph or first few setences of your story. It, along with the rest of the story forms the actual post that people will see.

  6. Why can't I log in? I know I'm entering the right password

    Make sure your browser is accepting cookies and that any firewall you have set up is not causing a problem with them. If problems persist, let us know.

  7. Why do you require cookies?

    Because they work. And because it keeps you from sending your password in unencrypted text to our server with every page you load. And because people who are paranoid of browser cookies can roll over and die.

  8. What are those little finger icons?

    Those are for sending GFD messages to other users. You must be a registered user to send messages. You can also disable incoming messages in your preferences if you like.

  9. Why doesn't messaging work for me?

    Some older browsers, notably Netscape 4, do not properly support the Javascript that this system uses. We recommend Mozilla.

  10. What do votes mean?

    Votes indicate what you think the quality of a GFD is. What dictates quality is entirely up to you. Posts that are well written and/or humorous generally are better received than rambling unformatted nonsense.

    The rankings page lists the highest voted stories and authors on GFD.

  11. Will I get any spam? What is your policy on privacy?

    Absolutely not. The only email address anyone will see is the one you fill out in the "displayed email" field in your user preferences.

  12. How come I'm not treated fairly?

    This is not Respect is earned. If you don't like it, you're entitled to a full refund.

  13. What is wrong with you people?

    Did you ever stop to wonder, maybe you're the one with the problem?

  14. What does "sniped" mean? Can I do it too?

    Registered GFD members have the ability to "snipe" other people visiting the site. The sniper gets a score, and the victim gets a page telling them they have been shot. If you want to play sniper, you have to register as a GFD member. Currently, the only way to snipe is from the chatroom. Ask cxreg or Narbuckle for details.

  15. I love this site! I want to give you my grandmother's retirement fund!

    Currently GFD isn't drawing so many resources that it requires user funding to stay running. If, however, you feel the need to contribute, you can Paypal to