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petty complaints Bah! I need to win the lottery! So I do not have to work with people.
by Vanessa
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( on Nov 15, 2004 05:55:49 PM

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Okay. Ever work with someone that all they do is bitch? They do it so often that you can not be around them because of it. Then the things they bitch most about they themselves do!
Okay. At my job we have customers according to your letters. I deal with customers whose names are from D- G. Sometimes I get calls from customers that are not mine. We all do no big surprise there. However there is one rep that complains that if one of her customers calls in and someone gets the call instead of just doing it, she gets a note that says what to do. I understand her frustration. I feel the same way. If you are going to post a cute little note on my desk about a job just do the damn thing, is it really that hard?

Then we fast forward to today. I get back from lunch and I have this job with her hand writing on it saying NO LIDS. Okay, that is great and everything, but you think that you could have called the customer instead of leaving me a note telling me what to do? It really irks me beyond belief. *L* Sometimes, I think the things we hate in others is because we know they are faults in ourselves? Maybe? Something to think about I guess.

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