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petty complaints We Are In A Movie Theatre, So SHUTTHEFUCKUP!
by prophylactic
gfd messages
(prophylactic@ilovethesmellofru) on Nov 16, 2004 01:52:30 PM

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I went to the cinema with the handbrake the other night. We bought our goodies, went in...
...and sat down, got comfortable.

The ads are on. There is a couple sitting a few rows down, over to the left a bit, talking none too quietly to each other. You know, loud enough so they can hear each other over the adverts.

I don't give it much notice. They talk right through the previews. I begin to get a bit uneasy. The movie starts and they continue to talk to each other.

I wanted to walk over and bang their heads together.

There are some distractions I can handle in a movie theatre: coughing, rustling of lolly packets, horny teens pashing in the front row so everyone can see them, the guy infront of me letting fluffy off the chain...


There is one thing that drives me batshit: two people having a conversation as if the movie isn't even there.
It is one of those shitty little signs of disrespect that reminds me that some people live in a different world.

I mean, if you want to talk, GO TO THE PUB FOR FUCKSAKE!

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