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relationships Bitch stole my boyfriend
by Godgifu
gfd messages
on Dec 8, 2004 09:35:59 PM

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They say you shouldn't blame the other girl...
Stupid goddamned ho KNEW that he was taken, knew me. Yet everyone says she meant no harm. WHY, THEN, DID SHE GO AHEAD AND DO IT? Can't she figure out that getting involved with a man who has prior engagements will only lead AT LEAST one person to intolerable misery and pain? And she's obsessed with her damned cat, and she's ugly, and has a horrible name ERIN that comes from an Indo European word meaning "fat" which also is an accurate description of her. Ah, yes, it's cheap to insult other people's weight, but fuck it. She deserves it. Maybe I can turn her into a miserable little anorexic. Death is too good for her. I want her deafened, blinded, her arms, legs and erogenous zones cut off, then for her to be inflicted with permanent brain damage leaving her comatose, and getting hooked up to a machine that keeps her alive until she's 114, during which time she's smuggled off to a leper colony to serve as a love doll with body heat, giving birth to 7000 horrifying babies that further distort and destroy her body. Then, when she finally does die, she should be tossed out for animals to eat, shit out, then eat again. I want her to have to eat her own eyeballs and limbs after they're removed from her. I want her to be fucked with heated curling irons, then her body set on fire. I want her skeleton to be removed as thoroughly as possible while leaving her still alive. Asphixiated constantly, just given just the teeniest, tiniest amount of air that will be sufficient to keep her alive. Her nose broken, smashed into a pulp. Fed only on cum and shit and her own vomit.
Ah, my dear sweet boy, stolen away by her... even if I can get him back, I'd be so frightened that he's now afflicted with venereal disease that I'd probably never be able to bring myself to touch him again. Horrid, horrid girl. I am told she made the moves on him first, by mutual friends. God, I want to smash her skull with an aluminum bat, then make her perform oral sex on an entire pack of dogs, and have her teeth and lower jaw removed. Her whole body should be scraped, punctured, burnt and stripped of flesh, then left alive, skinless. Acid should be injected into her veins and skin. Maggots should be stuffed into every raw orfice of her body, and left to eat her away and breed within her.

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