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general Everything I love goes into the shit grinder!!
by Jaidon
gfd messages
( on Feb 8, 2005 11:25:00 PM

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If I love something, I don't have to worry about setting it free...fate will see to it that it rapes me in the ass without the benefit of lubrication.
First, it was the chili at Denny's. They said they got rid of it because no one was buying it. Oh yeah dipshits? EVERY FUCKING TIME I WENT TO DENNY'S IN THE PAST, EVERYONE HAD A BOWL AT HIS/HER/ITS TABLE!! GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!! Chili is a STAPLE of restaurants that catter to crackheads, insomniacs, and fatasses. Someone also mentioned college students, but they fall into one of those three categories anyway so it would be inefficient to add a forth.

Next, my favorite model of Stacy Adams shoe was discontinued. My feet fucking suck due to my childhood doctor not mentioning to anyone that I had the potential to have flat and malformed feet...this particular make (I can't remember the name offhand) was the only one that ever felt comfortable. Now being that I work for a living in an office like so many of us, I don't see the point in having work and off-work shoes, so I always buy dress shoes. Now I'm forced to cope with some piece of shit Wal*Mart brand that pinches my little toes and hurts the top of my foot. WHY DID YOU FUCKS GET RID OF MY SHOE!!?!?!? BURN IN HELL MOTHERFUCKERS!

Roundy's...I know many of you aren't familiar with them, but they are a food manufacturer for major chain grocery stores. They just went out of business and took with them their brand of instant potatoes. I enjoy cooking, and my potato soup is famous amongst my co-workers. Roundy's is now defunct. I tried some other brands and my soup tastes like plastic shit. FUCK! WHY HAVE THE GODS FORSAKEN ME!!!!??

Star Trek...yeah I know, a lot of people think we are nerds, but it's entertainment to me...and in the last couple of years, Hollywood directors have done everything and anything they can to ruin Star Trek as I know it. With the horrid state of "Star Trek: Enterprise" at the moment, they will probably not make another series, game, book, movie, or anything. FUCK CORPORATE WHORES WHO THINK THEY KNOW ABOUT TELEVISION!!!

And now, my favorite chat site, Chatropolis, looks to be spiraling down the crapper too. They don't seem to be getting the membership they once enjoyed. I never cared for IRC chat, fucking hated Yahoo! and MSN, and don't find sitting around on message boards to be any more entertaining than watching paint dry. Since I enjoy Chatropolis so much, it's obviously doomed to become extinct.

I dread to think what would happen if started going around saying how much I liked humanity. For all of your sakes, I hope that does happen!

GOD FUCKING DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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