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people YESSING! I am back now I am seeing all
by clipon
gfd messagesMSN
on Feb 16, 2005 02:18:07 PM

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Come one now! What you seeing you are gettings! I am so fucki excite I can hardly tipe of this!!!
So this is the new thing. Yes so many time of away can use the internet caffe but I coudnt be bother for writing this at these times. I have for this to say. England is RAIN RAIN RAIN all the fucking day all the fucking ngith all the fucking times. I think I like to sit down and having pint yes - come on join us sit down. You looking out of window - sky is pissing. One year later sky is pissing. Two years later sky is pissing. Three years later sky is pissing. Fucking stop cant you? Some one say when thunder is GOD move furniture. WHAT? I sick of stupid fuck head -TAKE YOUR HEAD FOR A SHIT.

Then buy umbrolla
You make vote and I promise me clipon will do the things you is asking I am not one for makeing up a lie ok

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