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people I'm surrounded by Luddites
by Teallez
gfd messages
on May 13, 2005 01:56:04 PM

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Since you're all computer literate, I can assume most of you have been here at one level or another.
Why does everyone around me assume that since I spend the most time in front of a computer that qualifies me to troubleshoot one? I run defrag and cleanup regularly, and can use msconfig and regedit... Somehow in their eyes this transforms me into a TechSupport God, and my brother can drop off 2 computers that belong to someone he works with that I've never met. For Free.

"The Kindness Of My Heart" ran out about a half hour ago, after poking around with it and looking shit up online since yesterday evening. Something keeps pushing the CPU Usage up to 100% about a minute after booting. Safe Mode runs just fine. Like I said, I'm not even qualified for this shit, all I can do is guess.

Memo to my brother: Don't pull this shit again. Tell 'em to take their cheap ass to a qualified shop. Fuck this, I'm gonna go mow the yard...

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    I feel
    by TheChisa(come@me.bro)
    gfd messages
    on May 13, 2005 02:22:20 PM
    your pain.
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    I totally agree
    by Pandora(
    gfd messages
    on May 13, 2005 03:02:52 PM
    I get the same shit. I have not attended collage for computer tech support, yet all my friends think I'm a expert on fixing computer programming problems. When in actuality I think I'm just lucky, if I poke around on it long enough I can figure out what's wrong and most of the time if you ask how I fixed it I couldn't tell you.

    I have one friend who is so computer illiterate that just teaching her how to do email was like teaching an infant to read Shakespeare.
    Most of the time when she brings up the subject of computer problems, I quickly change the subject or tell her I have no clue what is wrong, yet she still insists on picking my brain for information that I don't have.
    God Fucking Damnit!!!!! It's enough to drive you to drink
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    by bean
    gfd messages
    on May 13, 2005 05:31:59 PM
    It doesn't take much for people to think you are a Windows expert. What kinda shocked me was that after spending a few years away from Windows and then being forced to return to it, I still knew more than the idiots that had been using it their whole lives.


    I guess most people just want "Car go now!" knowledge.
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    Good topic,
    by Leighto
    gfd messages
    on May 14, 2005 03:57:31 PM
    needs more content.

    "Argh! All they need is simple stuff, like reformatting, or installing simple software, for example, they brought in this Dell that had..."

    And I, too, feel your pain.
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    by bastick
    gfd messages
    on May 14, 2005 08:16:49 PM
    I have seen people almost suffer seizures when faced with hotmail. One guy (who looked like a computer geek, ironically) was terrified to touch the mouse.
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    by illuminatus(illuminatus005 at yahoo)
    gfd messages
    on May 17, 2005 02:22:43 PM
    My aunt guilts me into this shit. Just cause she's dying means I have to burn up a like three whole sundays doing this stupid shit for her.
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    My mom's XP box
    by TheChisa(come@me.bro)
    gfd messages
    on May 24, 2005 03:37:14 AM
    is constantly suffering from virus overload. When I lived on the East Coast, I had to visit her about once a month and give it a checkup. Now, what's funny is, I would really do a good job, because I *have* been a technician professionally. But in a month's time it would be cluttered with nonsense again, even after my absurd amount of aid and my mom's swearing on the Bible that she only used it for email, her recipes and playing JEOPARDY.

    Then it dawned on me: my little brother is 14. Mom always watches when Davy is on the computer; in fact, she's pretty fascist about them having any connection to the internet. But mom sleeps like a rock -- so is Davy sneaking out of his room at night to look at porn?

    I think he probably is. And God bless that kid.
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    Stupid People
    by Cornelius(
    gfd messages
    on May 24, 2005 05:21:15 PM
    Most people don't have the first fucking clue as to how to use a pc. Everyone on this site has 100 times the knowledge of a basic 35-40 year old. I worked with people who work for GM. If you tell them to click on start they get a blank look on there face and panic. If there isn't a big fucking icon on the desktop that says "click here fuckhead," they don't know what to do.
    It is absolutly amazing to me how they keep their jobs. It takes them 45 minutes to reply to an e-mail or 90 minutes to create a basic memo in Word. The sad thing is that they have worked there forever and probably make at least 80K. Some high school students are more qualified.
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      Tell you what pisses me off:
      by GMFTatsujin(Ask and ye shall receive)
      gfd messagesAIM
      on May 24, 2005 05:44:45 PM
      Beyond all reason, my bane is people who work in secretarial or administrative positions who don't know how to use the fucking tools of the trade.

      My granddad or Joe down the street I can forgive for not knowing how to run a calc on a spreadsheet, spellcheck a grant proposal, or alias a group of addresses in an email application. But somebody who got hired into a position the job description of which is to do exactly that kind of thing -- call me on this if I appear completely out of my mind -- those people should KNOW HOW TO DO THAT FUCKING THING. Basic computer skills are a prerequisite to holding down a job that may at some point, like ALL FUCKING DAY, involve using a computer.

      "Use Word? What do you mean, word? I have to deal with lots of words, not just one!"

      Insert bullet. Spin chamber. Aim. Click, or bang?

      Click. God fucking damnit.
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    gfd messages
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