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general Alas, my little rocket ship.
by GMFTatsujin
gfd messagesAIM
(Ask and ye shall receive) on May 23, 2005 05:52:41 PM

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And that's not a code-word for my penis.
About six years ago I moved in with Slicky and her family. There was much screwing up of courage and self-sacrificialated doing of the right thing involved with that choice.

Soon afterward, or maybe even before, Slicky got me a housewarming gift: a rocketship desk lamp. It was a very sweet gesture. The little rocketship has sat on my desk at work, because frankly I hate work and it's nice to have a memento of home. For six years, the little cobolt blue glass rocketship lamp has sat there next to my monitor, quiet and unassuming. Occasionally it served as a prop for my felt frog to ride into space, escaping the surly bonds of cubicle Earth. Which also is not a code-word for my penis.

I hardly ever turned the thing on, but it was nice to have it there. You know. 'Cuz Slicky gave it to me. There was something about it that said, "Slicky knows you don't want to be here, but she loves you." It said that because that was pretty much the sentiment in which it was presented to me. I love that rocket lamp.

Or, rather, I now love the memory of the rocket lamp. About ten minutes ago, some random shuffling of papers or whatever... I don't know. It just tipped over and went SMASH. Now I've got rocket lamp bits dug into the carpet around my desk.

I'll probably elaborate on this a little later, but right now I'm helpless in the face of rage and disappointment.

God Fucking Damnit.

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