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religion John Paul? WTF
by cddenters
gfd messages
( on Jun 4, 2005 08:57:34 PM

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Ok you fucktards...if some random bullshiter came up to you saying the pope was dead, you'd laugh too, admit it.
Some old guy dies and the whole world goes haywire. Dude! It's just a fucking old guy! But this is no regular old guy...he's a fucking leader of a church who's tried so hard to keep shit away from their believers.If that's not enough, the guy looks like a cartoon character all decked out in whatever it is he has to that's wear Europe's tax dollars go...interesting considering the dumbnut says," I talk to Jesus, now give me your money and then you can please us!" So much sexual harassment in a fucking church, you'd think Micheal Jackson was catholic. Neither one of them cares if it's male or female, as long as they get they're supposably "virgin" ass laid. The media said that even non-catholics were caring about this jackass...well why in the hell would someone care? Is is the end of the world because some religious dumbfuck dies?

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