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petty complaints Wekkom tu mickdonnas-kennai tek yo oddah?
by HerOdyssey
gfd messages
(Somechick) on Oct 12, 2006 11:45:22 AM

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Okay--Politically correct or no (coming from a half hispanic-half hungarian)---I'm going to just say it.


Drivethroughs are a bane to all society! You can barely understand perfectly enunciated English through those tinny, crappy speakers to begin with; but hey, let's go ahead and hire someone who hasn't even started their ESL classes and let them mind the drive-through.

Technical assistance and other phonecalls to your utilities; are they ALL outsourced to India? No offence, but some of the operators have such thick accents, and the connections are so scratchy and crappy; it's nearly impossible to understand what they're telling you. I asked to have someone else who spoke clearer English once and was hung up on... I am usually great with accents; having grown up with Count Dracula and Charo for parents--you *know* it's bad when I'm going "Excuse me? Pardon Me? What? Could you please repeat; slowly?". For Christ's sake... it should be common consideration to the customers that the people they interface with have a firm enough grasp of the language to do their job adequately.

My father and mother bothered to learn the God Damned language enough to be understood...

God Fucking DAMNIT!

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    I gave you a 10. "Engrish" is important...
    by Ivan Yutu Buggerov(
    gfd messagesAIMYahooMSNICQ
    on Oct 13, 2006 03:39:36 PM
    but you'll never convince the herd of misogynistic sheep of that. People will just call you a racist in a simian-level attempt to silence debate. Next time you get told, "Kin ah halp youse," give them the response they deserve in the language they merit..."Hasta la vista, baby!"
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    Ha ha
    by cazualdiva(
    gfd messages
    on Oct 13, 2006 05:50:34 PM
    Dracula and Charo! Made me laugh. Welcome to GFD.

    On another note, I once got the Indian woman that was the exception to the rule. She spoke so well and had such good comprehension that I asked if I was speaking with someone in India, if not for one small lapse in her accent I'd have never even guessed she wasn't American.
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      by HerOdyssey(Somechick)
      gfd messages
      on Oct 14, 2006 11:26:14 AM
      I know a few people who are Belgians or Dutch--and their command of English is better than most of the people I work with; it's beside the point. IT's like the companies make a point to hire the person least suited for a job that requires even *adequate* communication skills.

      If you know they're going to be dealing with people all day; make sure they can deliver a message.
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      by HerOdyssey(Somechick)
      gfd messages
      on Oct 14, 2006 11:28:54 AM
      And thanks for the kind welcome. :)

      I'm such an irritable person, that I'm taking time out of my romantic anniversary weekend with my husband at a lodge in a state forest in Washington to get our laptop connected to the WIFI and perusing the rants. Shame on me. ::smirk::
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        GFD=Crack for the pissed off
        by cazualdiva(
        gfd messages
        on Oct 15, 2006 04:02:28 PM
        Hubby says I'm gonna leave him for or in his words "goddamn teens in cyberspace fucking damnit", he's kidding of course. I think.
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    by Jawk(
    gfd messages
    on Jun 24, 2007 01:15:21 AM
    I agree with you mostly. However, if you think about it - what will people who do not know English do to pay for their English lessons? Surely that is the most forgivable job for them to do. I know we have these Illegal Alien problems sometimes... but to be honest, they just want to make a living, and if they don't necesarily know the language... you get where i'm going to. And it's not like theres anything they can do LESS than work at McDonalds?

    (And also, come on, we get a hamburger with lettuce instead of no lettuce... that big a deal?)
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      Speaking English is
      by RichardAdamo(
      gfd messages
      on May 15, 2019 10:40:32 AM
      Speaking English is very important nowadays and also we have to improve our communication skills a lot in order to get a job. Recently I have an article in writing services they stated that for any job interview English is a must language to speak and also the communication skills should be very good then you will definitely get a job.
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