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computers Is the Internet so difficult?
by KamikazeBubblewrap
gfd messages
on Feb 2, 2007 03:39:58 PM

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If your brother doesn't live here and you know he fucks everything up, WHY LET HIM NEAR IT? If you didn't really want to set up Internet for your lodgers, WHY NOT TELL THEM?! And why keep knocking on my door at gone 11PM to bitch about it?!
I rent a room in a house with a very nice family, all seven (and when the need arises, all eight) of them. Before I even took the room, I explained to Landlord that I needed the Internet, needed it muchly (I own 3 sites, a Forum, and two online galleries).

"Fine" came his enthusiastic reply, "I'm thinking of getting it anyway". I then went on to explain I like to use it every day for a couple of hours, and more at weekends.

"No problem" came his enthusiastic reply, "I'm not usually here in the evenings anyway". Everything was fine, so I moved in and helped him register with an ISP - I also made the mistake of telling him I would help him set up a router.

"I've signed up with Tiscali" came his enthusiastic piece of info a couple of weeks later, "It's a 1Mbps connection so I hope it's OK". And that's where the problem started... I reminded him he needed a router and network cables because

a) There was no phone socket in my room
b) It's the only way for two people to connect simultaneously
c) We won't have to be switching cables constantly

But no router appeared, so I had to move my PC (and it's a big bastard, not a laptop!) into the lounge every day so I could connect his Tiscali router to my PC (I didn't want to start buying extra stuff because I've made that mistake in shared housing before). Plus I figured the "incentive" of me huffing and puffing my PC around would give him the hint that I NEEDED the Internet FOR FUCK'S SAKE!

This soon pissed everyone off - me sat on the floor of the lounge / study with 4 young children running around and cables everywhere. After THREE MONTHS of that shit I basically told him it needed sorting out or I would have to move out.

And that's when he confessed he didn't want to / wasn't going to buy routing hardware because of the financial issues... but he offered to go halves, so I wasn't convinced by his lack of ££££ (plus the fact I'm paying almost £400 / month rent). I bought my own router and extra / extension cables, on the understanding they were MINE, they stayed in MY ROOM and would leave the house when I did. By coincidence, I bought a new PC and sold this one to the landlord around this time, and was also made redundant from my job!

So despite still having to trail a 10 metre RJ11 all through the house, I could still get online to hunt for jobs during the day and carry on with my personal work. Until a few weeks ago...

... long story short, the landlord's brother (who doesn't live in this house) kept using my old computer and fucking around with all the ports / cables / phone jacks / settings he could find. So every day Landlord would be knocking on my door, late at night, asking me to fix XYZ, or why wasn't ABC working? It had worked absolutely perfectly all the 3 or 4 years I'd had it, so I didn't understand WTF was wrong with it. Eventually I told the landlord to ban his damned brother because I wasn't going to keep fixing things to have them fucked up again.

This carried on for weeks, but the final straw came on Monday / Tuesday this week. The landlord had let me use his printer (which Brother had just given him) on Monday morning to print off some work samples for an interview Monday afternoon. Surprise surprise, the printer wouldn't work so I decided fuck it, while there's nobody around to get in the way I'll take this thing to pieces and fix it ONE. LAST. MOTHERFUCKING. TIME.

Lord knows how, but all 4 USB ports on the thing had been bent in and the keyboard socket was missing its silver "skirt". So I sat there for about an hour with a miniature screwdriver straightening the USBs, got the printer AND Internet working AT THE SAME TIME and printed the samples. Monday night I told a very happy landlord that everything worked...

... and on Tuesday morning, I caught Brother red handed fucking around with it again, complaining ABC wasn't working. I was so mad I was shaking. I was so mad I just had to leave the house. I was so mad I had to wait several hours before mentioning it to the landlord that night. And guess what?

Landlord had told Brother NOT TO USE the computer WEEKS ago, Brother had been using it (and fucking around with it) knowing full damn well not to! Landlord told me Brother has caused thousands of pounds of damage before - he's trashed cars, rooms, bank accounts, EVERYTHING... so why the double fuck was the landlord even letting him near anything?

Landlord immediately asked me to put a password on the computer, bollocked Brother to within an inch of his life, and confiscated Brother's house keys. As retaliation, Brother has taken back the printer he gave to Landlord... but fuck it all, at least I finally have a stable Internet connection and no more door knocks at 11PM.

Ah, the joys of shared housing raise their fugly heads again ;p

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    yes thumbs up
    by clipon
    gfd messagesMSN
    on Feb 4, 2007 04:57:27 AM
    it is
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      Okay, bodysnatcher ...
      by QuizzMizz(a.quiz@nine.kills.time)
      gfd messages
      on Feb 5, 2007 07:13:41 AM
      give us back our Clipon! What gave you away? A 3-word message with not a single spelling mistake ;-) We damending your relesing him!
      [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
        by clipon
        gfd messagesMSN
        on Feb 8, 2007 09:14:36 AM
        small word
        [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
          Thanking God, plaese poop
          by QuizzMizz(a.quiz@nine.kills.time)
          gfd messages
          on Feb 9, 2007 06:42:05 AM
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            =( thumbs uppoopdunce
            by Rupstaa(
            gfd messages
            on Mar 2, 2007 11:13:38 AM
            what do u do when you are not on the computer ? hours a day and on the weekends even more ? sounds pretty loserish to me
            [Reply to this comment]  [Parent]
              I actually spend very little time crybaby
              by QuizzMizz(a.quiz@nine.kills.time)
              gfd messages
              on Mar 3, 2007 07:37:59 AM
              ON the computer. Tends to get very uncomfortable after only a few minutes. But, yes, since I use this tool for numerous and various tasks, I do spend quite a bit of time AT the computer. Thank you for pointing out that this condemns me to the status of loser in your eyes.

              And thank you for revealing your conservative mindset. One only has a REAL job if one works 9 to 5, with weekends off. I have been enlightened.
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