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work My Boss, The Retard
by AloneInAZ
gfd messages
( on Apr 18, 2007 09:32:28 PM

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I would like to describe my current boss who is a complete tard with an actual drooling issue (NO SHIT)!
I was on here ranting about my idiot neighbor and decided to get some more ranting off my chest.

I work at a computer help desk, I am an upper level technician. I have worked at the same place for nearly 8 years and I really do like my job and most of my coworkers. I have seen managers come and go, each time the company 'reorganizes' or changes how they want to manage the techs.

This time, the mental giants decided to hire managers from outside the company who have no technical background at all. What a stroke of genius! This company develops very propietary and specialized software which takes months to even learn to use, much less be able to fix it. I know you can see this coming.

So they hire 5 retards and destroy morale and basically piss all of the techs off. I, of course, am stuck with absolutely the most mentally devoid manager of them all! I am the lead technician in my group and I am now having to run the team myself because this woman they hired is so completely incompetent that all she can really do is keep track of how many vacation and sick days we all have!

This complete idiot even has a drooling problem! I AM ABSOLUTELY NOT SHITTING YOU IN THE LEAST BIT!! She has vertical wrinkles under each corner of her mouth that actually serve as rain gutters for her slobber. Seriously! I have seen gooey drops hanging and dropping down to stain her shirt! This is the nastiest damn thing I have ever seen and it usually triggers my gag reflex! On top of that, she has eyes that can and do look in two different directions simultaneously! That just creeps the holy fuck out of me. She would make Marty Feldman spin in his grave like a wood lathe!

The icing on the cake for all of this is that she constantly is sitting at her desk eating, and not normal things. We're talking gifelte fish, egg salad, just about any noxious gooey substance she can think up! And she chews with her damn mouth open, letting that nasty shit mingle on her shirt along with the endless drool!

I firmly feel this person should be smitten from the face of the earth by the hand of God himself! And the person who hired this chromatically challenged individual should have their asshole surgically removed!

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