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health Depression and infection fucked me over
by Sour Grape
gfd messages
( on Apr 27, 2007 09:31:53 PM

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Well let me rant about some stuff that is rediculous
I was in this job that was so confusing that it caused stress, then I got very depressed. I sought help in a hospital. I talked to a social worker, which turned into me talking to a psychiatrist, which wasn't available until two days later. Which means I had to stay the night, which turned into me staying the weekend. That turned into me staying a week. I didn't get paid for sick time.
I went back to work, and came down with an upper respiratory infection. That kept me home for a week. This caused me to miss out on hands on training for my new job. The job decided to go to a new Activity Based Compensation program. My quality was down, my call volume was low. This caused a $200 cut in pay. I was already two weeks without pay for the two above mentioned sicknesses. My check this week was $5 less than last pay period. My bills have not stopped coming in. I want to look for a new job, but I'm too tired.

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