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relationships Alcohol
by fuckeddoctor
gfd messages
on Jun 14, 2007 06:31:30 PM

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This is a wicked substance
OK, you know those stupid moments when you've had too much to drink. I split up with my ex girlfriend Christmas 2005. Actually she had decided that we had split up in September 2005 but had neglected to tell me. So I end up going out with my consultant ( kind of like an attending physician but slightly grander ( US physicians think the grade is equivalent but in the UK Consultants generally reckon it's more like a registrar) it maters little suffice to say she was somewhat senior to me ) Only trouble is that I had confided my troubles in her inasmuch that I was concerned that my clinical judgement might be impaired and I needed an over watch. Anyhow things blossomed and I was thinking that despite the age gap ( she is 8 years my senior) things might work out especially if we both went back to NZ ( this is where we were both working hence the relationship difficulties with my erstwhile ex girlfriend still living in the UK ) However after our contracts finished I returned to a Job in the UK and she to New Jersey. Things went downhill because she felt that I was likely to get back together with my ex and stopped replying to email, phone calls or letters.

this is not the problem, shit happens. get over it. Except I can't or won't even though I know I ought



I am pissed as a newt so there will be typos

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    I've never been pissed off as a newt....
    by egogg(1337@clownpenis.fart)
    gfd messages
    on Jun 15, 2007 07:32:35 PM
    But, I have been pissed on by a newt.
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      Another example of the posit
      by QuizzMizz(a.quiz@nine.kills.time)
      gfd messages
      on Jun 16, 2007 03:15:10 AM
      "Two nations divided by a common language." Whereas the adjective "pissed" almost invariably means "angry" in 'Merkin, it usually means "leglessly drunk" in Brih-ish.

      How did you get pissed on by a newt? Do you keep one as a pet?
      I once got pissed on by a fish I had caught. Death throes, I guess.
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    ah fuckeddocrotr
    by clipon
    gfd messagesMSN
    on Jun 16, 2007 11:51:36 AM
    you see you is pleny like me. I am of go on of GFD and write of all thing when 'pissed up like newt'. (english say real make me laguhgh). You rgiht I no real understand byt yousay wicked substance. Is it DRUGGING? tell me what it is I know some people who is also on some drugging but mainly up nose
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    by joshuaChristopher(
    gfd messages
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