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politics why is so myuch bitchslap go on with yout today?
by clipon
gfd messagesMSN
on Jul 4, 2008 11:35:55 AM

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All time on telelvisin on rado, on inernet on ALL is people KILL. Why?
This is now become rel anoy of me. I unertand people os somethim ANGERY.
But why is get so many stabtab kill? Or are peolle in MEDIA make mounttina moley because is sell more papre (this is frend viepoint)

I do not know.

Is socieeity today are MORE danger than when I am young?

I do not know.

I copy this from my frend -
'What he that youngster says no' as Shakepere siay. As far as Im concerni last time that hapend was becase of the punks. The last gret and honest cultral movemment. In britain from every age, every background, ever life situatiom. And wiht onehand on my hear and one clutching at the freail of existence I'm happy to sy I have a frend in all of you who does not think the same as me but is me. One heart lads. One true honst belief in a sure herat between each otehr. Me. David. Matthew, Gareth. Andrew, Michael, Danny, Franki you are my boys. We are not young anymore but lets not forget our genreration becayse wwe are the forgotten. We were not out there at raves, and now we are not out there getting stabbed but we were there by the begininng of it and turned out backs and we should be proud. I believe there is no one who will ever take over our vast and proud shadows. So stay together, stay internal and never let anyone come between us

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