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general God Fuck Diane Keaton
by horseluver154
gfd messages
(I rule supreme) on Dec 27, 2008 05:08:38 PM

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Don't you just hate some people and get really pissed off with celebs who run away when you say hi?
Thats what happened to me.
I was walking along the street on a project from england, and who walks down the street, Diane Keaton. I was a big fan until this happened. I notice her and ask her for an autograph and she thinks i'm some bloody stalker and runs off, obviously to her house coz she goes to these big gates and opens them. I now hate her coz she could tell i'm english and who would want to bloody stalk that bloody bitch who fucks up every fucking movie she's fucking in?
GOD FUCK CELEBS ESPECIALLY ONES CALLED DIANE KEATON. By the way, if your intelluect ever gets high enough to come on this site Diane Keaton, u have no freinds they all 'like' you because you're so much fucking richer than them coz u've made like 1.1 billion dollars but u've acutally done abosolutly NOTHING to make that money thats y u are in crap films like Smother and Mad Money. Did You Know that Gay Films + Crap Actress = DIANE KEATON
LOL (bet u dont no what that means coz ur an old fogie)
U have a really bad taste in men
Warren Beatty?
Woody Allen?
I would rather date a slug.
By the way, I know i'm being a bitch but thats what u r so y cant i be one 2?

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