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work People are teh sawk!
by zaxon
gfd messagesMSN
(huk~) on Aug 18, 2002 09:21:42 PM

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Some people are stink. Have you notice? Often time, when to do something, people are ruin with their exist.
For example, I go in car and drive. And people, they are not the good. Take for instance, man who drive car slow in fast lane. This bad! I thinking to myself to saying to that person "Go defecate in your grandmother's ear!" but I am dont say it really cus i am not too balls. Then there people whose turn lanes with no signalings that bad manner and no so safe.

Then, when I go mall for chinese food i like the chicken chinese. I get in the line and the peoples then walk right in fronts of me !!Sometiem this happen and I should beat them up but i am not so grate at this.

And then me I live near school. During school's year time, the kids from school walking home is much loud!!! and they jump on my lawn and playing wrestlemania this not nice!! When dog was had at my house, it would fun to open door and let dog bark cus he didnt like them ha ha and they was scared very most.

And Jesus. Why come when I want cavort with prostitute or smoke some beer, Jesus say NONONONONONONO, heya? Jesus - let me cavort with prostituete and smoke beer then I worship you most good ok

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