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general shattering pains of old-dom
by raven
gfd messagesAIM
(duz ur face hurt its killin me) on Jul 10, 2009 04:13:16 PM

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within a week of turning 26, my back has decided it does not want to work anymore.
i now know why 26 was an age i feared...

so there i was, gaily drinking whisky and enjoying some merriment, when i sat down too fast and ripped something apart inside my back. my friend deb was throwing me a birthday party tomorrow, but since i can no longer move around without crying, i won't be able to attend. i have no painkillers and i live on the second floor of my apartment complex. i now understand why hunter s. shot himself when he was bored and his leg hurt. i wish i had some health insurance or some goddamn vicodin, or even some fucking aspirin, but no.

i laid down in my bed last night and it took me almost an hour of excruciating attempts just to get out of bed this morning. everytime i stand up my back spasms violently for a minute and i cry, it fucking sucks. since i can't bend down without searing pain, i can't reach my dvd player without first cursing god and wishing for death, so i have to hobble into my computer room after clutching the walls during the ongoing spasming, just to sit painfully in an uncomfortable chair, or watch tyra in the other room as it is the only thing on aside from jesus programming and soap operas.

this could have been longer and more awesome of a story, but my back started spasming again and i can't think anymore. someone please just fucking kill me.

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    Oh god
    by zaxon(huk~)
    gfd messagesMSN
    on Jul 10, 2009 04:59:32 PM
    I threw my back out at the end of May, so I know this torture. Couldn't stand or sit for more than 2-3 minutes before the lower back just started screaming. ugh. My body is apparently immune to painkillers, so the only thing that helped was alternating a heat pad and bag of frozen veggies for 20 minutes at a time. Oh, and if your apt has a bathtub, a scalding hot bath is pretty amazing.

    Not much else you can do other than rest and wait for it to fix itself :((

    Good luck~~
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    May you
    by Ivan Yutu Buggerov(
    gfd messagesAIMYahooMSNICQ
    on Jul 10, 2009 05:41:17 PM
    receive a rain shower of morphine. I know that pain and wish you quick recovery.
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    I also feel your pain
    by jaraska
    gfd messages
    on Jul 11, 2009 12:28:02 AM
    and curse turning 26 (now 27)
    on my 26th bday bash, a candle next to me exploded, causing me to jump. Just so happened, that my sudden jumping along with my new age, cased me to pull a rib out of my spine...that fucking hurt....for a looong time.
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    by Kickassia(
    gfd messages
    on Aug 17, 2010 07:13:30 PM
    Are you still suffering from back pain? You should go see a doctor, you might have slipped a disc in your back. Fixing this disc is the only way to get rid of the pain.
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    by sheeraz(
    gfd messages
    on Dec 4, 2018 06:09:14 AM
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