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work the corporate circle jerk continues...
by tinfoilhat
gfd messagesMSN
( on Feb 10, 2010 01:57:16 PM

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If only suicide was painless...oh wait.
I came to this company to be associated with a great team of people who were some of the best and well respected of our industry. After the corporate buyout and subsequent firing of said people, the B team stepped up from the darkness. That would be you guys. Since you seem to think you fucking know everything, I want to be real clear.

You and your team of retards have successfully done NOTHING in the last four years. Yeah, I know you work late and come in early. I know you have lots and lots of meetings. But, what are you really doing? I imagine it's like some sort of abysmal circle jerk. Kind of like your failed and pathetic attempt at bringing new product to market. Product that is akin to selling pork skins to vegans.

Suspecting that you were all home schooled in some back water fundamentalist compound would be an insult to those assholes. My only hope is that one of the many budding entrepreneurs trying to get out from under this company will actually get traction. They have already offered me a position should this happen.

Or maybe the hundreds of want ads that I respond to online will actually call me back. I've been to seven interviews in the last 90 days. The only reason I haven't left is because the offers I did get were less stable than this sorry excuse for an outfit.

Please do me the courtesy of throwing yourselves from the 6th floor catwalk. What a fitting end to a bunch of lemmings. That would be awesome. Then you could rot in that level of hell reserved for bad managers and people who tailgate.

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