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general How much does working at Liverpool One suck? Quite a lot.
by MowingYouDown
gfd messages
(Jared W-T is a twat.) on Jul 29, 2010 11:16:21 AM

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It's more of a moan than a story. Read it all before you comment.
I've just had a very (x 2000) bad day at work, so I've decided to come home, switch on my laptop, join GFD and just BITCH about everything and anything I want to.
For example:

I could bitch about how Liverpool One is full of rich bitches going on and on about how much they love their fucking horses and mansions.

I could bitch about this girl who I served in American Apparel who decided to have a fucking go at ME about how crap the service is in Costa Coffee, when Costa fucking Coffee isn't ANYWHERE NEAR American Apparel (or, it wasn't last time I checked)

I could bitch about the people who work there, or the architects who built the god damn building.

I could bitch about David Tennant and how come he hasn't fucking asked me out, even though he doesn't fucking know me.

I could bitch about the lack of funds I have, and how I can hardly afford ANYTHING in American Apparel, even with the staff discount.

I could bitch about a hell of a lot of things, but I just CANNOT be bothered to waste my time bitching about people I don't even know.

Have a crappy day.

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