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general Celebrated Ignorance Part 1
by blackbox
gfd messages
( on Apr 3, 2012 09:54:10 AM

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I have recently decided that I should exit spectator-mode on this website and become an active participant.
I use to be completely "pro" helping out ANYONE who was given an unfair shot to compete with the rest of "pack". This offer is no longer valid. Unfavorable Non-majority decisions have to be made for us to advance as a species - simply because the decisions that the majority makes isn't always a good investment for the future. Just look what Germany did in the early 1900s( Nazi Reference). If I had control over everyone and the resources of this planet I would be a great leader. I would re-teach everyone to uphold my ideologies and my ways of reasoning would be taught. I feel there is enough history on humans to compare and contrast why things HAVE to be done my way. We live in a world of chance and probability. If you're thinking "hey well theres nothing wrong with that", here is my rebuttal. For us to advance we need to take less risky measures to ensure we succeed - and in the society that we live in today - it is VERY RISKY. The safest way to go about achieving this would be good risk-assessment(which I have already done). Whether it be humans or natural disasters that threaten our success.. humanity must prevail!

Look at both sides. Sometimes I feel like I might be the only person who does this - but I actually try pretend to be "pro" whatever they believe in to try to get their perspective to compare and contrast with mine to make sure my ideologies still hold salt. For whatever reasons everyone doesn't do this( and I know there are plenty) I suggest they do it because I don't believe being ignorant is EVER a good thing( though pretending to be might be beneficial in some situations - but that is not my point). I plan on trying to do things to nudge society in the direction I want it to go before I die. Wish me luck.

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    Ah. thumbs up
    by grandtheftcondom(
    gfd messages
    on Apr 3, 2012 10:15:15 AM
    You make a lot vague references to your ideologies, but you never mention what they are. All you do is talk about how YOUR way is the best.

    Furthermore, humanity is pretty fucking diverse. That said, what works best for YOU will most likely not be what works for EVERYONE or even MOST PEOPLE. To be completely honest with you, you sound like a half-cocked wackjob with no understanding of the species you want to control.

    As for looking at both sides, it's called critical thinking, and most of us do that here.
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    I wish you abject failure. gold starthumbs up
    by TheChisa(come@me.bro)
    gfd messages
    on Apr 3, 2012 12:37:03 PM
    Kid, trust me: you ain't the one. How do I know? Because I can't count the number of people who've told me -- ON THIS SITE -- that I should be president. And I'M not the one.

    The world is a place of balance. The only people fit to lead are the ones who never will. They will quietly draft their articles of business and their works of beauty, and be forgotten for hundreds of years. Meanwhile the prom queens and ex-jocks will grab whatever power they can to offset the petty and small concerns that plague their feeble minds. It's just the way it is, and it's not going to change anytime soon.

    Remember: everything is mostly fine. The world doesn't owe you any favors. It was here first.
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    Thank you for that.
    by murdersgalore(wacking@yourfuneral.cum)
    gfd messagesMSN
    on Apr 3, 2012 01:49:31 PM
    We'll let the Unibomber know his gig is in jeopardy.
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    by OMFGGFD(hate@me.motherfucker)
    gfd messagesMSN
    on Apr 6, 2012 01:36:38 PM
    this fool is saying that what the nsdap did in germany were the decisions of the many!!!! no, my good friend, the Führer made all the decisions. this is what's called an autocracy. please tell me, how old are you? i'm really burning to know, i have a theory to test.
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    O.o thumbs up
    by HappyCouchTyrant(suckafuck@your.moms)
    gfd messages
    on Apr 18, 2012 09:44:29 PM
    I feel like I just found a disgusting yet equally facinating insect.

    I'm torn between squishing it dead and basing my entire thesis on it.
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      You could always base your thesis on...
      by The Gaborg(Sidekick in my own life)
      gfd messages
      on Apr 20, 2012 12:27:50 AM
      ...its squishability, squish-resistance, effects of squishing on its general design, and post-squish functionalities or loss thereof.

      Even better; you can place its rantoid as a prologue to your thesis, then have the entire thesis consist of six words alone ("And then I fucking squished it").
      I don't see how that wouldn't automatically grant you the reviewing board's good wills.
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        If you have a word quota
        by murdersgalore(wacking@yourfuneral.cum)
        gfd messagesMSN
        on Apr 20, 2012 04:06:45 AM
        that is proving hard to target, pull each leg and antenna off one by one and describe the process in detail and then fucking squish it.
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          That is very good
          by PeterWhitman(
          gfd messages
          on Nov 22, 2018 08:06:07 AM
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