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general MATH
by teebird15
gfd messages
( on Sep 5, 2012 08:15:56 PM

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You all know what it is, that class that is awesome when you are little. You learn the simple stuff like adding and subtracting and then multiplying. Then however it gets much harder, a lot fucking harder. Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2(as if one isn't enough we need two), and then calculus, the one math class that makes me want to blow my fucking head off with a 12 gauge.
Math fucking sucks rotten donkey balls. Lets face it we wont need most of this stuff unless you are going to be a fucking engineer(fuck that). We will use geometry dealing with building things and shit like that i guess, but other then that we aren't using anything else. What asshole decided that numbers weren't enough and that he got a brilliant idea to throw letters and other shit into a goddamn problem? Its bullshit. Im Joining the Corps in college by doing the NROTC Marine Option i dont think i will need gay ass calculus or donkey dick licking algebra. All i need to know is platoon strategies like flanking and room clearing and coordinates on a grid and maybe some other shit. But i definitely do not need Trigonometry or Calculus. Fuck math. Do lawyers need math? Hell to the fucking no. Do doctors need it? No not much. The only people that need it for the their job solely are engineers and math teachers. Math can suck my dick.

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