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petty complaints Dear Mr. del Toro,
by chronkite
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( on Jul 26, 2013 06:36:36 PM

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A couple days later, I have some questions about Pacific Rim:

If the nations of the world can muster the funds, brainpower, and labor required to build giant robots to fight the aliens, massive walls to hold them at bay, the infrastructure to support all this etc, why wouldn't they simply build a massive dome over the rift, armed with thousands of nuclear bombs and criss-crossing lasers and clouds of poison gas that will be released the instant any monsters come through?

The rift isn't particularly large and the monsters are not invulnerable..they would be vaporized in a cloud of toxic annihilation before they even got a chance to land a claw on the dome.

Skip the robots, skip the walls, just zap 'em the second they come through the rift!

Secondly, there are apparently *two* scientists on this project? The world is ending and you have precisely two smarter-than-average guys working on it?

One of them is a social outcast/geek and the other is seemingly a high-functioning autistic-they hate/disagree with one another as well, so not only is there no peer review of their wild-ass theories, they actively sabotage one another's research and progress for the sake of some pissing match.

Again, the WORLD IS ENDING. Are there no other sharp minds we could put on this problem? I dunno, maybe the guy with the "nuclear dome" idea? No?

OK let's move on.

IF we concede that the giant robots are the answer (even I will admit that they are likely to sell more popcorn than "NUKEDOME 2025" might), and IF we concede that these giant robots would require two pilots, their minds synched in "the drift", WHY ON EARTH would they ACTUALLY NEED TO BE ON BOARD THE ROBOT?

Just like drone pilots today, these guys should be safe in an underground bunker, fighting monsters from a distance like lethal puppeteers. Putting them in the actual head of the god damned robot makes no sense at all, especially considering the ease with which the monsters tear into the robot's armor.

And even if the monsters couldn't breach the robot's shell, the concussions/internal injuries suffered in an average fight would destroy pilots in no time. Think boxers/NFL players times 1000. A couple of thes battles and these hotshot pilots would have the bodies and brains of 80 year olds.

And since I'm in a WTF kind of a mood, how the hell can powdered monster bone sell for $500 a pound when there are massive monster skeletons being used architecturally everywhere? If it's worth that much money those rib cages and skulls would have been stolen long ago, like copper is today.

And I'm a little foggy on the whole monster-blood toxicity minute they have blue acidic blood that is corrosive enough to eat through sky scrapers, and the next minute you see coolies disassembling the monster with their bare hands, the blue gunk seemingly rendered inert by the fact that the monster died.

I have a bunch of other questions too that I won't bore you with, but my last big "huh?" is this:

The rift was not accidentally opened..they made it clear that the monsters were the first wave of an invasion force. So how does closing this rift solve anything? What's stopping the inscrutable interdimensional beings from just opening up another?

If there is a hole in my wall that ants are coming through, I can't just caulk it up and walk away-the ants are going to find another way in. Hell, even if I burn down my whole house to get rid of them, it WON'T WORK. The problem is that there's such a thing as ants.

The problem in Pacific Rim is that there is such a thing as massive alien monsters who will stop at nothing to occupy the earth.

Build all the giant walls, massive robots, or nukedomes you like, you'll never, ever get a good night's sleep again.

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