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general College Is An Expensive Exercise In Capitalism
by TheWisdom
gfd messages
( on Sep 29, 2014 01:32:31 PM

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Does anyone really understand college/university programs for what they really are?
Excercise your capitalist indoctrination by handing total strangers thousands of dollars and pose the question "Can you make my life as difficult as you possibly can for the next 4-6 years?"

Everyone who has attended one of these "institutions" can honestly say that when you decide to attend for whatever reason (pressure from parents, pressure from commercials, pressure from your current life's disappointments) or whatever the case may be, that your life must transform and comform to the wishes and demands of others in order to be truly successful. Going through a divorce? Doesnt matter. Adjust your life. Just got pregnant? So what? Adjust your life. Parents just died? Doesnt matter. Adjust your life.

And for what? To be guaranteed a job? Try again. To have a better chance at getting a job? Possibly, depending on how willing you are to relocate and how much crap you are willing to endure. I have a good friend who says that completing a degree lets your potential employer know that you know how to start a task and complete it. Really? I must trudge through at least four years of hell to let people know that I can complete a task? I dare say it is much deeper than that.

Did anyone wonder why a major in mathematics is forced to take and complete the myriad of pre-requisite filler courses in history, english, humanities and government? Will these courses help you with your computations or equations? No, they will not. These courses are simply a ploy to get more of your money and keep you in school longer. Colleges and universities will say the filler courses are to make you "a more rounded student." I say no. The only thing making students "more rounded" are fast food restaurants and cafeterias, which by the way you will be working there already because college students are a dime a dozen.

You recently completed 12 continuous years of primary education in public or private schools only to be told you must endure at least 1/3 more years of basically the same thing? Not me boudreaux. You dont need the world's approval to approve of yourself. If you finished high school, then you are a superhuman as it is, having to endure the popularity contests, the ridicule, the adolescent cravings for everything, the parents who year after year are telling you what a burden you are and how they cant wait until you are gone. I think we all have endured enough at other's hands too not walk into a trap like this.

Anyone who finds themselves wondering if I know what I am talking about please read on.

I am in my thirties and have attended 2 different colleges and 1 technical school (not completed any of them) and everything above is from direct experience.

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