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health Medicine As A Business Is EVIL
by TheWisdom
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( on Sep 29, 2014 06:09:14 PM

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Think of your doctor as running a business. Now think of a doctor running a business and incorporate the premise of capitalism. Confused? Hope not, but if you are please read on.
Medicine as a business is evil. Anyone running a business in America is concerned about repeat business (a.k.a sustainability)

What does a doctor have to gain by curing people in the long run? Nothing is the answer. I watched an episode of the television program Sh*rk T*nk recently in which a man was featured giving his pitch to the potential investors for an antibacterial "nose screen." The functionality of the device means that air can pass through the screen but viruses and bacteria cannot. One investor posed the question as to if he had been to any manufacturers with this simple device, to which he replied yes and then it was asked what they said to him about his device and he said that they werent interested due to the fact that they were already making so much revenue in treating illnesses and it would ruin their margin on existing treatments. Now, apply this to every area of medicine. Make sense now? Consider the following questions:

Why cure cancer for $10,000 when we can treat it for $1,000,000?

Why cure the common cold outright for $1,000,000 when we can treat it for

Medicine plus capitalism equals evil and illness. The more the merrier.

Ever wonder why every other business in the US has a clear list or menu with prices listed beside each product or service? Curious as to why medicine does not take the same example isnt it? Could it be the sheer psychological impact of seeing that simple lab work costs $500? Or that each day in the hospital costs $50,000? Ever wonder why it costs so much? Capitalism is the answer. If a bag of candy costs $1 but the general poplulace would pay $1,000 do you think for a second that the retailer wouldnt immediately mark up the candy? Compelling. I know.

I recently noticed a job posting for a general physician at a local hospital and they made the mistake of listing the compensation. Are you ready for this?
$225,000-$250,000 per year with a $50,000 sign on bonus for the accepted applicant. I dont care if you have to attend school for 20 fucking years and 10 years in a vietnamese prison camp to be a fucking doctor. No one and I mean no one deserves to make that much money. I bet the people reading this hope to make $60,000 per year one day doing whatever. These people make unreal money and as such are disconnected with the public they serve.

People come to doctors in their dire moments of need or just because their toenail isnt growing in how they think it should. Doctors get the entire spectrum and we are placing our trust in these insolent bastards and expecting anything but another appointment or a referral? Specialists are especially useless. Consider the toenail problem mentioned above. One doctor is a foot specialist which refers you to the cuticle specialist which refers you to the bone specialist which refers you to the blood specialist which refers you to the lint under the nail specialist and none of them collaborate with one another.

We should take our example from the UK and other countries who dont believe in extorting the very lives of their citizens at the highest possible cost. I was once blissfully ignorant due to having near perfect health all my life but all that has changed since having married someone who doesnt have perfect health as I do and are my eyes open now.

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