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general Philosophical depth my ass
by Database
gfd messages
(use me) on Jan 4, 2015 05:16:27 AM

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this dud was trying to equivocate me the other day, i told him he lost his goose! read to be contextualized.
so I automobiled to the bar, sitting in my stool sipping a raspberry on the rocks, and this oriental walked by and slipped a fortune cookie in my pocket. fortune read: "confucius say: privilege white man children lack discipline"-.

primary thing I wondered: why did this mongoloid try to subtly oven-bake me philosophical wisdom? banana-skin man must be out of his cahoots. grabbed my cane and limped west where the yellow sun set and told him "mate don't you try me how to cultivate my superior white offspring!" and slapped him across the face with my non-masturbatory hand.

Kong Ling didn't appreciate the backhand- matter of fact he started growling in his Manchurian accent "fucking white man ungrateful grain of rice! you be punishment!" immediately when his mouth uttered those words, he pulled a lever, opening a trap door underneath my feet which dropped me down into the wine cellar. this is where things got incomparably ridiculous:

first phenomenon I noticed was the amount of unconscious/rigor-mortis prostitutes hiding out in this moldy, anally scented dungeon. decided to fuck it and consume a tab of acid I hid in my left anal pocket. I realized how deeply I had been inserted into the alcoholic realm.

as I was peaking on the bar tab, chinkadee rocked up to me and say in the most clown-sound eggroll accent "now you know consequence of bad energy! go back to philosophical depth!" and i don't know how this gook-looker conjured up such linguistically complex words, but this nigga really had me tripping.

I realized how mundane and boring going to the bar really was, and I was now ready to penetrate even deeper into the realm of possibilities. I was ready to penetrate the tight core of human existence--children.

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