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school Paying for a grade is bullshit
by AngryRuckus
gfd messages
( on Jan 13, 2015 06:29:19 PM

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I've been in college for about two years now, and it doesn't take a fucking rocket scientist to figure out that the new Pearson "eCollege" Learning shtick is a load of money-grubbing horseshit.
I think I can speak for all college students when I say that college is actually really fucking expensive when you really look at it. Even if you're staying on campus, that's tens of thousands of dollars you're paying just to be in some shoddy dorm with a dickhead roommate you'll probably end up hating anyway- and it'll probably cost your fucking soul itself if you want to live in a single dorm. To add to that, your professors will have you buy some textbook that costs way too much for what it's worth. However, the thing that pisses me off to no goddamn end is the new ways universities have begun to embrace the technology age, finding new methods to empty our pockets even more. Now, some classes require that students purchase a $200-$300 textbook that has a code in it so that you can access some bullshit online grading system, essentially forcing you to pay just to have the possibility of even passing the class. Of course, there is the option of buying the book and the access online which costs less, but it all boils down to what professors should really do:


I don't know if this situation is occurring because of some nationwide curriculum, but this online bullshit is of no help to our generation. We're already blinded by social media nonsense, and we're becoming more socially awkward as the years go on. This kind of shit is what makes me question why I even decided to go to college. It's bad enough that in some cases, we pay some douche bag with a doctorate's degree to basically teach ourselves. So to end this, I say: Fuck college and everything it's about.

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