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religion Fuck a flower
by KillAllHumans777
gfd messages
(Nonetheless ) on Apr 3, 2015 11:50:31 AM

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This is the story of how i became the overweight, hairy, sadistic bastard I am today
When I was a kid I found a little flower on the street. It was growing out of the sidewalk so I though it was a very special thing of nature. So being that I was very touched by this I picked the flower from the crack in the street and put it in my jacket pocket. I walked home and put it in a skinny cylinder vase. I filled it with water and some dirt and 1 ice cube and a dash of fertilizer. I was a child and didn't realize that this once beautiful piece of nature was now dead. So once I finished putting it all back together I placed it at the top of my desk to behold my entire bedroom. Days went by and I kept the flower up there. That is until one day I was on my laptop writing a paper and the ducking vase fell on my laptop and bashed my fucking keyboard in and splashed the shit. I never felt so betrayed in my life! I gave this little shit a home and this is how it repaid me. And to top it off my laptop had insurance but wasn't covered by water damage. So I had a fucking useless laptop and a broken vase carrying a flower from the depths of hell. From that day on I fucking stomp every flower I see out in the streets so I can turn it down before it hurts me again. This is my planet and God fucking dammit I'll be fucking damned if anyone tries to come in the way of my happiness! If a billion flowers across the Earth; and in my own country must be burned to prove a point, then my worthiness will be demonstrated!

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