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health Neo pets cerial.
by Sodapopmiller1
gfd messages
( on Apr 3, 2015 11:58:28 AM

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Ever remember neo pets cerial. Probably not because it was a horrible franchise. Ever want to take a shit EVERYTIME you need to fart? Yeah no most people wouldn't. This is a shitty story about my encounter with the most disguasting cerial ever.
When I was a young lad in grade school, I was a fan of cerial. My parents were divorced so I went to my moms house on the weekends and my dads shitty apartment during the week. I was made fun of a lot because I was fat and only wore camouflage to school. My dad also never washed clothes so I alwas smelled bad. Anyways, I was at my moms house and her being my mother thought I knew about everything "popular" with kids my age. So naturally she thought I loved the online game "Neo pets" which was basically a virtualized computer thing for little kids who can't take care of a fucking goldfish. She got me stuffed neo pet animals, clothes, games. Eventually fucking neo pet came out with their own cerial. Ofcourse my mommy bought it for me so I ended up eating it eventually. This cerial tasted like your average delivery box cardboard. This cerial was basically torn up newspaper, it was Disgusting.

That same week I went to my fathers house. When I woke up for school, I felt a fart coming on so I took it. I shit myself as soon as I did. I changed my underwear and went to school. I must have shit myself 8 more times at school and took so many bathroom brakes just so I could shit the fart I knew was a lie. When I got back to my dads I would take all my shit covered clothes and throw them behind the bathroom door. The process went on. I kept shitting myself, changing my underwear, shitting myself, changing my underwear. I honestly thought after the first week of shitting my pants, loosing all my friends, and having no more clothes to shit in, that this would just be the lifestyle forever. I smelled bad, I looked bad, I was unhealthy, I had no friends, and I couldn't stop shitting myself. At the end of the second week, when I ran out of clothes entirely, I was fearing of how I was going to go on to live. I woke up on the monday of the third week and i farted. For the first time I didnt shit my pants. It was a shitmass miracle I swear. My dad found all those shitty clothes eventually and yelled at me, and when I finally went back to my moms she said hey you want some more cerial and held up that God forsaken box. I grabbed the box, and I threw it into the rain outside. That was the worst two weeks of my life probably.

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