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people Send Them a Check
by TheChisa
gfd messages
(come@me.bro) on Nov 15, 2015 05:18:27 PM

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You're not helping. You're just leeching off of other people's misery.
I'm not sure exactly when it started, but the first time I noticed it was with the whole Kony 2012 business -- absolute droves of people all parroting the same post in the belief that they were changing the world. Then came the profile picture filters: LGBTQ rights, Planned Parenthood. Over and again the same "support" from the same people.

YOU ARE ALL EXHIBITIONIST WHORES. Jesus called your kind "whitewashed tombs." You don't want to help, and you sure as shit don't even understand what the word "support" means. What you want is to feel good about yourselves, to do some easy automatic superficial act that clears your conscience like a virus program eradicating spyware. You care more about how YOU FEEL than about how others ACTUALLY SUFFER.

You want to help? Really, REALLY help? SEND A FUCKING CHECK.

There is NO situation where sending a check is not both appropriate and helpful. Not prayer, not complaining, not debating, not changing your stupid avatar. SEND. A. FUCKING. CHECK.

Friend's dad can't afford his medical bills? SEND HIM A CHECK.

Planned Parenthood might lose its funding? SEND THEM A CHECK.

Syrian refugees lost everything escaping terrorists? SEND THEM A CHECK.

Bernie Sanders should be the next president? SEND HIM A FUCKING CHECK.

"But Chisa!" I hear the inevitable cries. "YOU complain about shit all the time on the internet!" Yeah, that's absolutely true, but *I* am not flaunting my faux compassion like some kind of goddamn 21st century Mother Teresa, either, so there's not really an equivalency there. And furthermore, I SEND FUCKING CHECKS.

Just last week my old pal Kupo was doing the Extra Life 24 hour gaming for charity event and I sent him a check. Hell, I even bought him a goddamn pizza to help him stay awake. Yeah, it was a pittance -- forty bucks total, twenty for the cancer kids and twenty for the pie. BUT IT'S FORTY MORE GODDAMN DOLLARS OF EFFORT THAN YOU'VE MADE WITH YOUR STUPID FRANCE FLAG PHOTO, ASSHOLE.

Oh, you can't afford it? That's cute. You sure as shit could afford the Samsung Galaxy you're posting all your concern porn with, couldn't you? How about you buy one less fucking Android app this month, dickface, and use that money to support a charity. How about you skip the triple latte tomorrow morning and give the money to the homeless guy freezing outside the cafe instead. Bullshit you can't afford it. You're just a selfish cunt.

Our entire world revolves around a very specific system of power transfer and that system is COLD HARD CASH. That's how you get things done. That's how you HELP.


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