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GFD itself God Fucking Dammit.
by erik
gfd messages
( on Nov 12, 2002 06:42:40 PM

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You bunch of retards.

I've had enough of this whining about relationship this, relationship that. Feelings are for the weak, and I'm sad to say that you're all the sorriest bunch of pussies I've ever seen.
I mean, it's easy to bitch on the internet. Especially when your imaginary girlfriend just caught you jacking off at The thing that you probably don't realize, however, is that


about your deepest relationshippy feelings. I know - your personal life is very important to you. Almost as important as your internet friends. It's also important to learn to separate the two. Imagine, for a moment, that the situation were reversed:

<linuxman696969> Hey Wanda. You know, my friend kraken137 on IRC was such an asshole today. You see, I was busy hacking on my 31337-kool modifications to slashcode, which is the code that runs -
<wanda> Huh?
<linuxman696969> SHUT THE FUCK UP STUPID WOMAN anyway as I was saying he made fun of my coding style HE PROBABLY USES JAVA THAT RETARD
<linuxman696969> I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.
<linuxman696969> Wanda?

Now, think for a moment. Does Wanda in fact want to hear about the 62 year old transgendered black man that you hang out with in Internet chatrooms? No, in fact, it drives her to the arms of her Latino lover Rodrigo.

So you post about it on

I mean, God Fucking Dammit. If you're such a whiny little bitch that you complain about your relationships on the internet, it's not hard to see what got you into that position to start with.

Where does this leave us? To the horde of users left stranded by this sudden jolt to reality: fear not, you can still post about lots of interesting and annoying topics, such as

* People in the grocery store
* Pedestrians
* Cancer

Caught you with that last one - that's what we DON'T want you to post.

And remember kids - if you're logging on to post whining about your girlfriend -


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