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general Uhaul BLOWS
by absinthe
gfd messagesYahooMSN
( on Aug 6, 2003 08:15:52 PM

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Well, I've made it to NC.... Barely!
Our story begins in lovely Theodore, AL at the uhaul rental/ UPS drop off center/ self storage/ send recive faxes/ pay your utility bills/ we do 800 things out of this one buildng but don't know anything about anything place. We go to pick up our truck, which had been reserved online... should have been a piece of cake, but OH no! They tried to charge us almost $100 more than the price we had locked in, then we had to wait ( and wait and wait) for them to figure out how to run the credit card machine. THEN, we had to wait for a truck inspection, and then another disupute over the price! We finally get the keys and crack it up, only to find the gas gauge reads 1/4 full ( they are supposed to be full) GRRRRR! We have at this point wasted an hour & a half and leave pissed off that we have to fill the monster....
Next day, truck loaded, car hauler hitched, and on our way to fill the truck... We put in well over what it should have taken to fill it, but thought nothing of it & hit the road. After an hour its obvious that something was wrong.... the tachometer was ticking like a second hand, and it felt like the transmission was slipping.... we drive another hour and also notice the gas needle is floating. We decide to pull over & call roadside assistance. 3 calls later, we finally convince them that even though the truck will still move, we do need a mechanic.... aparently they think that if you aren't stranded you are not in need of help. 2 hours later 2 pothead 19 year old mechanics arrive, only to tell us " Drive it until it breaks down, it isn't too bad" THANKS, guys! So we resettle and get ready to hit the road again, only the passenger side door won't close. After 45 minutes of beating & cursing, we decide to stay overnight. We also call the help deck at Uhaul to find out what kind of gas milage to expect, since we have the flaotin gauge problem and are told " At least 6 mi/gal" Ok, so next morning we set out, drive with the slippage and the driver's side window that won't rull down and the floating needle, keeping the tank refilled based on our calculation of 6MPG, when at 11 pm, we run out of gas an hour and a half from our destination. AURGH! We call Uhaul and are told that there are 21 people ahead of us and gas is our problem, even though the truckis defective & has been reported. W
The good news is we finally made it in at 2 am Sunday morning, but when we calculated the milage versus what we spent on gas, we got under 4 miler per gallon.... no WONDER we ran out, huh? Then we went to return the truck, and the guy charged us another $20 because the gas needle didn't read full! We told him of the trouble with the needle, and made several calls to no avail and fainlly ended up paying it just because we couldn't deal with it anymore without violence. All in all this nightmare cost about $1100 ..... Please, never EVER rent from Uhaul!

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    U-haul haters unite!
    by bean
    gfd messages
    on Aug 6, 2003 08:40:09 PM
    i completely feel your pain. when we moved out to this desert we rented a u-haul. same damn thing with picking up the truck. everyone there always seems like this is their first day of work and they don't understand english. well, i have to be honest that the truck did pretty well until we hit new mexico and we were going 45 downhill with the full accleration. and of course about 10 miles to our destination the u-haul dies at a traffic light. and i do mean die. nothing could move this monster. and of course that was the start of monsoon season in arizona. and fate had waited for that moment for a downpour. thankfully we had the car hitched to the back and i stayed waiting for help while he got our keys for the new place. it was pretty funny watching them load that uhaul up on the tow truck. definetely an interesting end to a cross country trip.
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    welcome to this shithole
    by Skewfield(bean makes me fart)
    gfd messagesAIM
    on Aug 6, 2003 11:47:40 PM
    what part of NC do you now reside in?
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    Sorry, welcome to this shithole
    by sushi
    gfd messages
    on Aug 7, 2003 02:57:02 PM
    Why in the world did you choose NC? I hope you didn't move to Charlotte... that's where I am now and this place is full of fucking retards.
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    I don't like UHaul much either ...
    by Cheeselog
    gfd messages
    on Aug 10, 2003 06:04:20 PM
    ... so every time I move I try to get another company. Except for this last time.

    This last move, just a couple weeks ago, was Swiss-watch precise until I had my run-in with the slap-ass UHaul fumblethumbs and their overpriced crapmobiles.

    I got my shit moved, no major problems erupted and beer smoothed everything afterwards. But goddamnit. Everyone I know have had at least minor league aggravation with these knuckleheads.

    How can these clowns stay in business?
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