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general Goddamn Those Fucking Fucking Chickens!
by prophylactic
gfd messages
(prophylactic@ilovethesmellofru) on May 10, 2004 07:59:35 AM

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Every night when I'm sitting on the couch in my living room watching some prime-time nonsense, about to chow down on a hot TV dinner, a horror of an advertisement comes on for "Nando's Char-grilled Portugese Chicken". It never ceases to freak me out. Tonight when I saw it I nearly inhaled my cob of corn.
Nando's is a restaurant in Perth, Western Australia. I've never seen the place, let alone been there. Apparently it specializes in "Potugese Char-grilled chicken". The advertisement goes approximately like this:

"We at Nando's have decided to let you know the secret of our famous, Portugese char-grilled chicken..."
Then the screen cuts to a slow-motion film of two ckickens fucking. Okay. A rooster and a chicken fucking.
Not an animation. Not a couple of hand puppets. Not even CGI.
BUT two real, live, enormous, red-feathered chickens FORNICATING on Western Australia's prime-time TV.
There is about 15 seconds of the slow-mo fucking chickens, then the screen cuts to the restaurant's address and that's it. End of ad. Back to Survivor Allstars.

I mean jeez Louise! What is the world coming to?
Has reality TV been taken to it greatest extreme?
Are we to suffer a string of reality advertisements strategically placed to compliment whatever crass reality TV show we get hooked on and can't live without?

My apologies. I didn't mean this, my first story, to become a rant about reality TV.

It may be the best tasting chicken in the west, but Goddamn those fucking fucking chickens!

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