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money You Lazy Assed Bastard
by LoWang
gfd messages
( on Sep 16, 2004 01:02:59 AM

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You like money? I know I do. And now I know who aint getting any more.
First, some background. My brother, the bastard (literally), got run over by an old lady, got $180k, bought a truck and home entertainment center, then pissed the rest away on buying things he had to sell later at half cost to pay bills and also investing in the "market". He didnt work for a couple years until a couple months ago when he got a good paying job.

Before he got the job, he needed to borrow some money from me to pay the bills, as he had none due to his pissing away of his settlement. I lent him $200, my whole paycheck (5.25hr part time), and he gave me his home theater reciever as collateral.

He then proceeded to get a job and pay his bills on his own. A couple weeks ago i asked if I could get that money back. He said he wouldnt be able to being that he was sick and his paycheck that week was only 40 bucks. Understandable. But one question, still unanswered, is "what happened to the money you had after paying bills for a couple months, you haven't bought anything expensive in the last couple months, nothing more than gas and groceries."

Continue on to last week. The Bastard asks me to go pick up his paycheck for him. Ive already told him that I dont get good gas mileage, 7 mpg, and that the place is about 10 miles away from me. But being the good brother I am, I consent to do so. He gives me shitty directions, and i proceed to burn a quarter tank looking for the damn place. When i finally find it, the secretary tells me that the paychecks aren't ready and wont be until later, and that when my brother gets back to work he probably wont have a job (he hadnt gone to work that, I cant wait around because I have to head to work. I stop by my brothers house, tell him the scoop on how he aint gonna have no worky job, he tells me works sucks and that hes quitting., I then tell him he needs to go pick the paycheck up him own damned self. He tells me he shall do so the next day.

Next day. Bastard calls, "Im sick, I need you to go pick up my paycheck". I need to get some money so I can continue to operate my 7mpg beast, i consent to do so, buning another quarter tank. I go the office, pick up the paycheck and go to my brothers house. HE NO THERE, WHERE HE GO? I give him a call, hes at his womans house and tells me to leave the check on the counter, and that he will get back to me with a cashed paycheck in a couple hours.

Couple hours later. Bastard calls, "Hey thanks for picking that up for me, Im going to have to get back to you tomorrow with that money". Fine, so long as I get my money.
Next day, no call from brother, no money, i call him, 5 rings, voicemail. Rinse and repeat every couple hours. I never leave messages, he knows this, I have my reasons why. Whats that bastard up to?
Day after. No word from brother. I call, 3 rings, then 'CLICK', voicemail. Try again. 1 ring, 'CLICK', voicemail. Where the fuck is that fucking sonofabitch bastard? Not in my presence giving me back my money while i give him back his useless to me home theater reciever.
This continues on, i dont have enough gas to get to his house, and i dont have enough money to get gas to go to his house. GOD FUCKING DAMNIT. GIVE ME MY MONEY YOU THIEVING BASTARD! Sure, he can afford to get wasted off his ass every night, but can he afford to pa me back? Apparantly not. Hes going on my "Do Not Loan" list right alongside my mother, who is also on my "Forget to Call" list. Son of a bitch BASTARD.

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