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general Long Live Emo Kids
by RancidOperation
gfd messagesAIM
on Nov 5, 2004 01:07:47 PM

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I heart these emo kids they just need some attention!
I hear you crying. I know its death you want and if you dont stop youre whining thats what youll get. Trust me little kid with your thick black rimmed glasses, depression is your fashion statement. You write bad poetry for the world to read. You think that will make the difference, but you cant be saved. I looked at you with sympathetic eyes, you turned and screamed you dont understand me. O but alas I do stupid fool. I understand you oh too well. I wisk I didnt have to but I do. Now youre sitting in the corner crying your eyes out, yelling about how hard the world is to you, aobut how you cant take it anymore. Doesnt your suburban life bore you? Is that the problem little emo kid? Is your mom too nice and your dad full of love? Why do you hate your life? O youre going with the fashion are you? So as you sit in your room, writing shit onto paper, slitting your wrists, wondering why, remember me. I refuse to listen, I wrote sad poetry too, slit my wrists, but now heres the difference I died, you lived. And I dont hate you because Ive come to realize I cant hate you. Because I guess if writing bad poetry, slitting your wrists, wanting to die and being bored is emo...then I guess Im emo too.

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